Dumbstruck! Colour me stupid! Good Luck! You're gona need it! Where Im going if I get there AT ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

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If you have a review of a album by a decent band (we will decide if they are decent enough), video, music video that is used for commerical uses, single or especially a live gig, email Jamesy here.

1,039 Smoothed Out Slapy Hours Kerplunk Dookie Insomniac Nimrod Warning

Welcome to Paradise Longview Basket Case When I Come Around
Stuck With Me Geek Stink Breath Brain Stew/Jaded
Hitchin A Ride Redundant Good Riddance (time of your life) Nice Guys Finish Last
Minority Warning Waiting

Manchester Evening News Arena - Thursday 7th December 2000

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