"I know it sounds cocky, but I am already in my favourtive band" - Mike Dirnt (One of the Gods!)

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«Album - Dookie. Release date - 1st Feburary 1994

1. Burnout
2. Having A Blast
3. Chump
4. Longview
5. Welcome To Paradise
6. Pulling Teeth
7. Basket Case
8. She
9. Sassafras Roots
10. When I Come Around
11. Coming Clean
12. Emenius Sleepus
13. In The End
14. FOD (Fuck off and Die)
15. All By Myself (Secert Song)

Dookie is a classic album. People didn't think you could be punk on a major record label, however Green Day have shown you can still produce quality songs. This is 1994's release of the year! The are a few reasons it became popular. 1 - thanks to the inital support of MTV for the first single Longview. Repeated showing of Longview helped the sales. 2 - At Woodstock 94' during Green Days set, they caused a Massive mus fight during "When I Come Around" and the sales sky rocket! Dookie starts of with Burnout. "Im not growing up/just burning out" Billie Joe declares on the chorus. One thing in this song that impresses the most is Tre's drum solos. These are simply amasing. Then its into Havin A Blast. This comes and goes, just like Burnout did. Chump is a ultra-violent song about someone that he doesn't even know. "Maybe its just jealously mixing up with a violent mind" shows that its probably about a girl and would like to kill her boyfriend. At the end of this song - its gets every messy and mixes in with the ext song very well with all the instruments, drums bass and guitar. The next song is the single Longview. This is mixed in greatly with the drum and bass verse's and the punk chorus. The next song is Welcome To Paradise, which was the bands debut single, however Longview was the break through single. Welcome To Paradise is a old Green Day song - it was on the bands last release on punk label LookOut! records, Kerplunk! Then Pulling Teeth is next, and is possibly the weak song on the album. It is written by Mike Dirnt, about his "bad luck" with his girlfriend. Then the bands biggest hit over here in the UK was Green Days next single. Basket Case reached number three in the charts. Its possibly the most catchy song on the album, but its in competition for being the best song on the album, as well as best Green Day song. She is the next song, and is still played at th live shows, even though weren't released as a single. Basket Case and She is always played together. Sassarfras Roots is the next song, and the title has no relavance to the actual song, its just that they was thinking of a name and Mike came up with this. Then one of Green Days best songs and last single of Dookie is When I Come Around. This has a good guitar riff in it, god drumtiming and a great bass line. The lyrics blend into it really really well. Coming Clean is the next song, and is about Coming Clean basically, about the law. Emineus Sleepus are above average songs, but nothing special compared to the rest of Dookie. FOD (fuck off and die) is possibly Green Days most violent song. Its between this and Platypus (I Hate You). A song about hate a rage. Starts of with a aucstic guitar, then truns into a really heavy song, heavist on the album. Then the secert song is by Tre Cool. All by Myself is about masturbation. Tre sings it with a bunch of stoned people in a house with a recorder and guitar.


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