Dumbstruck! Colour me stupid! Good Luck! You're gona need it! Where Im going if I get there AT ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

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ezboard - helping.people.connect Registration Choices
ezboard - helping.people.connect

What kind of account should I create?

A Global Account

  1. you want to use ANY ezboard

  2. you want to have one single identity across all ezboards

  3. you might create your own ezboard community in the future

  4. you want to take advantage of special features for Global users (such as private mail, etc)

A Local Account

  1. your name is already taken AND you really, really, really, want that name

  2. you only plan on using one ezboard

    ATTENTION: A Local account will not work on any other ezboard. You will only be able to log in from this ezboard.

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