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«Album - Warning,Release date-2nd October 2000(3rd Oct in America)

1. Warning
2. Blood Sex and Booze
3. Church on Sunday
4. Fashion Victim
5. Castaway
6. Misery
7. Deadbeat Holiday
8. Hold On
9. Jackass
10. Waiting
11. Minority
12. Macys Day Parade
13. 86 - Live in Parague (Only on the UK CD)

Warning is Green Days long awaited return. 3 years we have waited for this, and it has certainly raised a few eyebrows to say the least. The first song and second single is the self titled track Warning. This is about all the warning teenagers are given, and take no notice of them. This is thought to have been a poor choice for a single, however is still a good song. The next song is thought to be one of the best on the album. Blood Sex and Booze is exactly what you think its about. It has been given to the "Freddie Got Fingered" soundtrack aswell. Church on Sunday is in Billie Joes words - "A Love Song". Fashion Victim is a song about, well what the title says, about how fashion looks like hell. Castaway is about doing stuff alone, and is another great song on the album. Misery is a strange song. The lyrics are wrote by the whole band. Misery has to be one of the longest songs Green Day have done. It is very organ based. Deadbeat Holiday is about well a deadbeat holiday. Its just a bad luck scenerio. Hold On is a inspirational song. About Billie Joes conscienous, and about when you have lost everything, and nothing is there, just hold on to yourself, and you will be alright. Jackass is a song about hate, about a jackass, and how he thinks everyone likes him, but infact, they dont. Waiting is a song about how you are waiting for ages for something, and you aren't quite sure what will happen, but you are looking forward to it. This is the bands thrid release from this album. Minority was the bands long awaited return single. Some was disapointed, some loved. Me, i loved it. It is has great lyrics, and the music fits in well. As Billie Joe said recently, in songs you can play wih words, and Minority shows this. "I pedge alliegence to the united states. Thats what it should be, but i subituted it with underworld, just to make it sound cool, play on words you see." Macys Day Parade is loved by many people, who are not teenagers. However it is a great song, and is similar to Green Days Good Riddance which appears on Nimrod or The Verves "The Drugs Dont Work". Then to make sure we dont forget Green Days punk roots, on the UK version they throw in 86 from the album Insomniac live. However live, Green Day still are as punk as you can find anyone. Even the songs of Warning are punk.


Minority, Warning, Waiting and possibly something out of these -
Macys Day Parade Castaway Blood Sex and Booze

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