"I know it sounds cocky, but i am already in my favourtive band" - Mike Dirnt(One of the Gods!)

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«Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe is the youngest of six cilidren, born on the 17th Feburary 1972. His dad was a truck driver and played in a jazz band as the drummer. His dad died when Billie was at the age of 10. His mother was a waitress at Rod's Hickory Pit. When Billie was five he use to sing at hospiltals to cheer the paients up. He also recorded his first record, titled "Looking For Love". The first album Billie Joe brought was Elvis' "The Sun Sessions". Then after his mates got him into punk and bands like the Dead Kennedeys etc. The first song he wrote was "Why Do You Want Him?" when he was 12 years old. This track features on 1,039 smoothed out slappy hours. BJ has played/wrote/produced with serval other bands. Most noticablly, Pinhead Gunpowder and Rancid. With Pinhead Gunpowder he has recored a few EP's with them and with Rancid, he song he co-wrote with Tim Armstong(No Relations, just good mates. Tim is also Lint from Operation Ivy, who wrote KNOWLEDGE!) called Radio which features on Lets Go! album.

In 1982, Billie Joes career as a flasher begins, as at the swimming pool, he takes all his clothes off and runs around freely. This is also the year Billie Joe and Mike meet in the school catertia and discusses songwriting. In 1987, BJ and Mike play their first gig, under the name Sweet Chilidren at Rod's Hickory Pit. 30 people are in attendence. In 1987 BJ earns the name "Two Dollar Bill" as he sells joints at his school for, duh, $2. In 1990, BJ drops out of school, on the 16/2/90, a day before his 18th. BJ and Tre get a job outside Safeway selling newspapers. After the first hour, they get bored, and ditch the papers in the bin and smoke weed for the rest of the day. They are fired!!!

In July 1994, Billie Joe got married to his girlfriend, Adrienne Nesser. The wedding ceromeny lasted only five minutes. BJ and Adrienne was so nerveous they had to drink beer before hand to clam nerves, and got drunk. After the wedding, Adrienne dicovered she was pregnent with BJ's child. Nine months later, March 1995, BJ and Adrienne had their first child, called Joseph Marcicano Armstrong. The couple have since had another child called Jakob Danger Armstrong, born on the 12/9/98.

Billie is also co-owner of Adeline record, which is homes of the Criminals, One Man Army, AFI and Pinhead Gunpowder.

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