"I know it sounds cocky, but i am already in my favourtive band" - Mike Dirnt, one of the Gods!

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Ok, this is the first update in a few weeks, we have just been really busy.

Firstly, some cool pics of the Green Day boys are on "Steve Doll Knows Celebrity's". You can access this by going to NewFoundGlory.com. Or if you just want to see the pics of the lads click on these links -
Billie Joe Mike Tre

The B Side to "Brain Stew/Jaded" Do Da Da is featured on Poetry.com under the search for a author "Billie Joe"

Check out this cool "On Tour With Green Day" article with Green Days production manager. Click here for the article

Good news folks, Green Day will be releasing another CD this year. This will be a singles collection. The band are currently taking time off from tourng and are recording some new tracks. These might might their way onto this release or their next album. Mike had this to say about this and other things recently "I look at singles collections and think, that's something people put out when they're 40," said bassist Mike Dirnt, 29. "But we've got like 20 singles already. [the title of the singles set] has a really cool, funny title I'm not allowed to tell right now. We just want to go pound out some kick-you-in-the-balls-type tunes. When Warning came out, I heard it was softer. But now people tell me how much they love that we played acoustic guitars like electrics and that the album's sound was clearer." Dirnt went on to say.... "People sometimes tell me they don't know our music," he said of the band's string of hits. "I tell them, first of all, I don't expect you to. Second of all, you probably do." Dirnt then said this about the bands longetivity..."We're not the flavor of the month anymore," he said. "We're like mint chip. You might have 31 flavors, but you've gotta have the green one with the chocolate."This was said with great pride may I add! Mikes other band "The Frustrators" is currently recording their second album in Billie Joes CatBox Studio.

On Friday the 13th Billie Joe swapped places. He played with the Influents on BASS GUITAR. Here are the photos to prove it-
Bille on Bass Billie in Influents. Jason White and Billie Joe Jason White and Billie Joe again

Nothing Videos has a vote for a "Band in the spotlight" and Green Day is featured. Follow this link and vote for them.

Thats all the news for the moment.

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