"I know it sounds cocky, but i am already in my favourtive band" - Mike Dirnt, one of the Gods!

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Hey...some kinda BIG news. Green Day are releasing their next studio album in winter 2002 or the begining of 2003. Mike lets us know what he has been doing recently..."We have a super-serious work ethic." Mike said, an hour before heading to the first of five Green Day band practices this week. Mike continues..."I don't know any band our size who practices as much as we do. But playing together is just what we know, and when we're not doing it for a couple days we start feeling lazy and bored." Green Days next CD is called "International Superhits" which is a collection of all Green Days biggest hits and best songs. "Internation Superhits" will feature 19 of Green Days hits...including "Basket Case" "When I Come Around" "Longview" "When I Come Around"of Dookie. "Geek Stink Breath" "Stuck With Me" and Brain Stew fromInsomniac. "Hitchin A Ride" "Nice Guys Finish Last" and the massive anthem "Good Riddance(Time of Your Life)"from the bands 1997 release Nimrod and "Minority" and "Waiting" off Green Days 2000 come back album "Warning". The CD will feature two new tracks. One of these tracks is likey to be Green Days B-side to the single "Waiting" and the song is called "Maria". This is what Mike had to say about "Maria".... "It's just a great punk-rock tune," Mike said. "We were going through some of our stuff recently and we came across it and went, 'This song is great. We should re-record it and put it out.'" A DVD is also going to be release with "International Superhits" with all Green Days videos an possibly some extra stuff on it. Green Day are also going to record their newest album in the next year. Green Day are looking for a end of 2002/begining 2003 release. 7 songs have already been written and 3 under constrution. "The songs are coming out quickly, but we don't want to force anything," Mike said. "Our thing is just get in there and pound the songs out and let them come out when they're ready. Of course, we say we're gonna take our time, and then the next thing we know, everything's all done." With the songs already written it looks like Green Day are going to leave the "matture" sound of "Warning" to their trademark snotty punk roots. This will come as much welcome news to many Green Day fans.

I know this isnt really Green Day news now...but it has still some relavence to the band has it is still them. Mike is also scrambling to finish "Achtung Jackass", the second album by Mikes side band "The Frustrators", which he hopes to have in stores by February. The disc will be released on Adeline Records, the record label run by the wife of Billie Joe Armstrong, Adrienne. The Frustrators (Bassist and back up vocals Mike Dirnt, vocalist Jason Chandler, guitarist Terry Linehan and drummer Art Tedeschi) combine punk, pop and '80s new wave. "We love the cheesiness of the '80s, but the music was really good," Mike said. "Terry plays guitar in a real Psychedelic Furs kind of way, but some of the songs are incredibly heavy. I guess what we create is like a fruitcake. There's a lot of shit going on in there and for some reason it makes sense." The Frustrators album will include a cover of the Cars' "My Best Friend's Girl," as well as "Hide and Seek," a song about evading managers at work, and "The Crasher," about a dude who has no friends, so he crashes other people's weddings and bar mitzvahs. Needless to say, The Frustrators don't exactly bleed for their art. "The music is very serious, but we like to have a sense of humor about our lyrics," Mike explained. "I think it's OK to have a lot of the music be a joke without the music sucking. We have a pirate song which is tentatively unnamed. But the main lyric is a big chant that goes, 'Have you seen the look in a pirate's eye when he hears the words "last call." Step back and clear a path to the bar or someone's gonna fall.' That really cracks me up." Mike isnt the only one who still is involved with side projects. As we all know Billie Joe works with Pinhead Gunpowder and Tre plays "Latino Jams" and writes country spoofs. Mike finially went on to say "I think it's really good for all of us to do things on the side, because it allows us to grow as musicians. The way I've learned to play my whole life is just by playing with different people. There's no study to it. You just let your music go through your life and it all seems to work."
So good news all round then

Hey, theres not really much to report. We have 3 affiliates now in Green Day XFS, Reckless Abandon Online and Blink 182 DL...you can access these sites by going to the affiliates bar at the bottom of the screen. Also we have been accepted by MTV.co.uk as a registered fansite. Also we have done a quick link section on the index page only...but you can also access this by clicking links on any pages.
Ok onto proper news...as well as the "International Superhits" Green day is releasing...they will release a DVD to go with it which will be released roughly the same time...around November.
I know this aint Green Day news but the new Blink 182 single is "Stay together for the kids" and they will be shooting the video soon.

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